Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ooooo, an excerpt from Complete Abandon! New novella coming in 3 weeks!

From Complete Abandon, coming November 5/6. This snippet is from Alex's point of view. He's just gotten off the phone with Laura after reassuring her he and Josie can watch baby Jillian overnight so Laura, Mike and Dylan can get a night away. While on the phone, Josie appeared naked in front of him and turned into a tease (there's more to that, but I won't spoil everything). And now....

...she cried out with frustration, then leaned forward to kiss him as he deftly unbuttoned and unzipped himself. There wasn't much time – for a change their dinner plans were at a place with atmosphere, and a dinner bill that would probably equal a day's pay—a place where tables were by reservation only. No time like the present, then – especially when your girlfriend offered herself up like something out of a Penthouse fantasy letter. If she wanted to shift the power balance by sending him off kilter with her nudity as he struggled to maintain composure on the phone with Laura, two could play at the unequal game.
Before she could react to his releasing her hands, he lifted her easily into his arms, walked to the couch to grab an afghan, then carried her to the door.
“What are you – ALEX, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” she shrieked as he juggled a flailing, naked girlfriend, a front door knob, and his own sliding trousers. The blanket began to fall off his arm, and one move and the house of cards would come tumbling down.
That was fine.
As long as someone came.
“We're having sex on the porch!” he said in the same tone one might use to say, “We're getting a popsicle from the ice cream truck!”
“Are you crazy? I'm naked!” she squealed.
“Should have thought about that,” he answered – squeezing her ass with more force than was needed for a turn on, knowing the added pain would help bring her to the edge – “before you started that dicktease.” Six months of sleeping together had given him considerable experience in getting Josie to express her boundaries. It turned out they were as flexible as she was – in bed.
“Stop it!” she hissed.
He froze.
“If you're going to do this, you have to be naked, too!”
A deep chuckle rose out of him as he laid her gently on the porch swing he'd helped to install a few months ago. The November chill made her nipples turn to pink peaks in seconds, a fine gooseflesh beginning on her arms and thighs. God, he could stare at her body forever.
Oh, how his erection said otherwise. Now now now now.
Grabbing the afghan, Josie threw it over her naked form and a laugh burbled up. “Seriously? Now we're air fucking on my fucking porch? You got a thing for having the mailman look at your naked ass?”
What amazed him – what made him love her – was that she wasn't horrified, or angry, or offended that he'd just assumed she'd be fine with being poured onto a very public piece of furniture and be fucked outside, in broad daylight, where someone might find them.
She'd questioned whether he should be naked, too.
But hadn't questioned the premise of danger sex one.tiny.bit.
Could he love this woman any more?
“Not my naked ass,” he murmured. Sitting carefully, he pulled her into his lap, holding one of his hands to her mouth. She sucked on two fingers, taking her time as her tongue ran down the sides of his index and middle finger, the sensation making his abs tighten. Something had to go rigid – if his erection were any more taut it would slingshot off his body, hit the moon, and land somewhere in the Indian Ocean, tracked by NASA.
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