Thursday, October 24, 2013

New release dates!

I finally have formal, NOT CHANGING release dates for my coming books and novellas:

Unraveled, an anthology with 7 other authors. My novella is Complete Abandon, which stars Mike, Dylan, Laura, Josie and Alex -- November 5, 2013. Check it out on Goodreads!
Random Acts of Trust -- December 4, 2013 (cover reveal in November!)

Deliciously Obedient -- January 8, 2014

These last two books got pushed back because I was about to publish them the week before a major holiday (Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve), which is a bad thing ('cause everyone's busy!).

I also have a new novella with Avon HarperCollins coming in March 2014 -- a new series, new characters, and a whole new whacky romantic comedy (but you might see some regulars pop in here and there, because you know how I am. I can't help but blend worlds).

So FYI -- 12 days and counting for Complete Abandon's release!


  1. Can hardly wait to get them all and try your new series! :D

  2. Bummed about obedient! But so looking forward to complete abandon and trust! Woot woot!


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