Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Excerpt Day Part 2! Some parts from Random Acts of Trust!


Reaching for her again, my hands cradled her jaw, fingers interlaced in the long hair at the back of her neck, our breath mixing as tongues touched and my hands shifted to her arms, finally settling down and then –
Something deep inside me just stopped, as if it could finally rest.
There is a point when you’re with someone and touching them and you realize that you’ve been invited to cross an invisible line and to enter a new world. We all build shells around ourselves, and cracking them open to display what’s underneath takes a lot of courage. Being fucked up and drunk or high to have sex with someone isn’t what I’m talking about; there are degrees of touching and knowing and forging ahead with someone when it comes to being intimate.
Amy trusted me enough to let me touch her again.
It’s all about trust.
My hands roamed over her waist, the curve of her side and hips, the ends of her long hair ticking my palms. God, she smelled so good, and the heat of her lush body felt like a warmth made solely for me, as if she had conjured it only for the space between us. Her mouth devoured mine, her boldness making me rock hard as we entwined ourselves on her bed. Too many months without sex made me more than ready, but this wasn’t about fucking.
A band of tight need coursed through every muscle in my body as Amy’s hands found my ass, then roamed up my back. No woman I’d been with had ever been so bold, and it turned everything up a notch. Wanting a willing partner in bed was one thing; finding a woman who could tell me what she wanted so that we could make everything so much better had been a rich fantasy of mine for – well, forever.
Could this really be Amy?
“Tell me what you want,” I said, pulling away, her eyes frenzied and alight with desire.
“What I want?” Her palms slid down and damn if she didn’t make me nearly come with the sultry, slow meandering of her hands.
“I want to know everything about you, Amy. How you want to be kissed, how you want to be touched..” Her eyes changed, brow pinching just a little with confusion, her head cocked to the side in a way that made me fall for her even more. My hands reached up and cupped her breasts and she moaned, a soft sigh with just a hint of sound from the back of her throat that sent my cock abuzz.
“I don’t get many second chances in life. I feel like I’m living in some sort of surreal moment where it could all be taken away in an instant, like when I open my eyes, or when I blink, as if this is an alternate reality,” I explained, my words feeling empty and stupid.
“No,” she gasped, interrupting me, wrapping those warm arms around my neck. “It’s the past four years that were the alternate reality. This,” she added, punctuating her words with a kiss that shot down my core and back to my brain like being stroked, “this is the life we should be living.”
“And now we are,” I finished for her, so ready to make love to her, to connect and deepen, to serve her for all the rest of time – in whatever reality we could carve out for ourselves. Pumped by desire, it was hard to balance my body’s screaming need to be in her, to give myself to her and to have her do the same, to get hot and sweaty and breathless on her bed with what I also knew – via a thin shred of restraint – needed to be respected.
I’d hurt her so intimately four years ago.
Could I heal her with intimacy now?
If this was her giving me the chance, then maybe I could start to believe in the divine again.


As his lips touched mine again, tongue languid and searching, seeking as much to touch and know me as to communicate his own need, Sam’s words echoed in my head. His hands were on me, stroking my breasts and making my nipples ache. His palms were cupping my ass and his arousal was evident, his hard, muscled back mine to explore with my own hands.
But so much more than that – his words. Who says these things? I’d played out this moment thousands of times in my head over the years. Wondered how it would feel to touch his bare skin, to be the name he gasped when we made love, to be told he wanted me – needed me – craved me like no other woman.
His words were enough.
But I didn’t want enough.
I wanted so much more, and he offered it to me right now with his mouth, his hands, the hard press of his rigid manhood against my torso, my hand now seeking it out, enjoying the anticipated groan. Sam didn’t disappoint, and something in me just...broke.

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