Monday, August 25, 2014

A taste of Jeddy's from Complete Bliss, coming in mid-September

Here's a taste....Alex and Josie meeting at Jeddy's:

“What are these? They look like little lobster cakes.”
“They are!” Madge cracked in a South Boston accent, the words coming out  like she said “They ah!”
“Red cake with...”
“It’s pureed strawberries in a rich white cake, baked in little lobster molds, then filled with a vanilla amaretto cream.”
“What’s the glaze in the little cup next to it??” Alex asked. Each lobster cake had a little Boston Red Sox flag stabbed into the lobster’s head.
“Toffee caramel sauce – see how it looks like drawn butter?” Madge demonstrated for them, picking up a lobster and dunking its head in the sauce, munching happily. The cake was headless, one claw hanging by a thin thread of confection.
Josie imitated Madge and as her tongue poked out between her lips, mouth stretched into a smile of anticipation, Alex felt something in him harden and soften at the same time. 
God, he loved her.
She moaned. “This is so good!” As she bit down, a rush of cream from the cake’s center coated her lip, making the hard part of him even harder as she licked it away.
God, he wanted her.
Instead of reaching across the table and fucking her right there next to the little jukebox screwed into the wall above the salt and pepper shakers, he grabbed a cake, dipped the entire damn thing in sauce and shoved it into his mouth, chewing furiously, hoping the blood that would be diverted to his digestive tract would lessen his raging erection.
Then his taste buds kicked in.
-- from Complete Bliss, coming in mid-September....

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

LOL Romantic Comedy Boxed Set features an ALL NEW story, Christmas Shopping for a Billionaire!

SURPRISE! *Christmas Shopping for a Billionaire* is an ALL NEW standalone story that happens AFTER Shopping for a Billionaire 4, and shows you Shannon and Declan about 5-6 months into their relationship. Twelve other hilarious, heartwarming and hot stories by some of the funniest writers I know round out a GREAT boxed set for just $.99. Happy reading! 

Christmas Shopping for a Billionaire by Julia Kent
When Shannon is called to the mall to work as a sexy elf, her billionaire boyfriend, Declan, gets roped into playing Santa. The mall mommies start tweeting pictures, and soon everyone is crashing the mall to have a seat on Santa's lap.

The entire collection is just $.99!

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Shopping for a Billionaire 4 is out and only $.99 through Friday, 8/22!

Shopping for a Billionaire 4 is HERE and only $.99! THE SERIES IS COMPLETE!

A confusing fight, a garbage-covered car, and a mom who shares her past as a "stripper" all drive Shannon to the edge of madness. When her big shot at mystery shopping luxury properties leads to another crazy toilet incident, it’s Declan to the rescue...but can they take the “plunge”? The Shopping series from New York Timesbestselling author Julia Kent reaches its conclusion with heart, heat, and hilarity. 

Part 4 of a 4-part series.

The price goes up in just 1 week, so one-click and tell your friends!

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If you haven't read parts 1, 2 and 3 (I know some readers like to wait until entire series are out), here they are:

Shopping for a Billionaire 1

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Shopping for a Billionaire 2


All Romance eBooks
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Shopping for a Billionaire 3

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Thank you so much, and happy reading!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

AUDIOBOOKS LOVERS! Shopping for a Billionaire 1 is OUT! New release!

Audiobook lovers, you're in for a treat! The entire Shopping for a Billionaire series is in production for audio, and book 1 is here!

Book 2 will be released any day now, book 3 is in production, and book 4 will be on its heels!

Narrated by the fantastic Tanya Eby, who has done audiobooks for authors including Nora Roberts, Robyn Carr, Susan Mallery, Gretchen Galway and more, this romantic comedy series promises hilarity, heat, and a heartwarming cast of characters.

Stay tuned for announcements when the rest of the series is out.

Don't forget to grab Her First Billionaire as well -- right now the eBook is FREE, and when you download the eBook you can get the audiobook for just $1.99:


Friday, August 1, 2014

Shopping for a Billionaire 4 (the final, sort of, part) is coming August 15! AND MORE!

Okay, okay, before you KILL me, let me explain a couple of things.

1. When I say "sort of," what I mean is I had planned for the Shopping for a Billionaire series to be 4 parts. Really. Parts 3 and 4 are much longer than 1 and 2, and need to be, to wrap up the series.


2. Then I got this AWESOME OPPORTUNITY to be in a romantic comedy boxed set called LOL with a group of AMAZING AUTHORS!

So, given that, it meant I had to write a story -- a short story -- in the Shopping for a Billionaire world, but I had to write THAT story before I finished Shopping for a Billionaire 4 (is your head spinning yet?).

And I did. And it's called Christmas Shopping for a Billionaire (sooooooo original! I know, right?). Slutty elf costumes, Hot Santa, candy canes up chimneys and ho, ho, ho... All the crazy characters from the Shopping series in their holiday glory!

THAT is coming out on August 18. You get the end of Shannon and Declan's story on August 15 with Shopping for a Billionaire 4, and this is where the "sort of" comes in, because three days get more! The short story is a standalone, but you do get to see Shannon and Declan about six months after the end of Shopping for a Billionaire 4, so it's like an Epilogue.

3. As many of my readers know, we had a death in the family in June, and that has affected my release schedule even up to this point. I really appreciate your patience, and love your support. <3

AUGUST 15 (pre-order button coming soon):

And then on August 18, Christmas Shopping for a Billionaire (a short story) in the LOL boxed set:

All NEW stories from your favorite romance authors, featuring some characters you already know and love, plus new adventures.

NO CLIFFHANGERS! Just wonderful stories, plenty of romance, and a variety of heat levels from sweet to sensual to spicy!

Includes stories from USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Authors

Elle Casey
Mimi Strong
Julia Kent
Rachel Shurig
Blair Babylon
Cassia Leo

And featuring

N.M. Silber
Daisy Prescott
Juliet Spenser
Gretchen Galway
Victoria Wessex

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The early reviews for Random Acts of Hope are in and readers LOVE IT

Random Acts of Hope on 5 Bookstores NOW! Start Reading!

The early reviews are in!

"Ms. Kent's 'Random Acts' series gets better with each addition. I loved this story of Charlotte and Liam. It had everything...strong characters, laugh out loud moments, angst and a great ending. I cannot wait for the next installment." -- Amazon reviewer

"WOW!! Hot, steamy, yummy, emotional, love, seduction, toys, sexy, and fantastic!!! Julia, you always please your fans and I can't thank you enough. This Random Acts of Crazy book has to be my favorite and I didn't think you'd take that away from RAOF. Liam and Charlotte's story is emotional, heartfelt, loving, gut wrenching, want-to-cry-that-good!! I had to read the first chapter twice because IT IS THAT AMAZING!" -- Goodreads reviewer

Random Acts of Hope is the fourth book in the romantic comedy Random series, and features guitar player Liam McCarthy from the band, Random Acts of Crazy. Five years ago, Liam and his girlfriend, Charlotte Greyson, were deeply in love. When a betrayal eviscerates them both, each clings to their separate truths as an anchor to navigate the perfect storm.
But when the biggest ego in the band reconnects with the only woman who stole his heart, sparks fly in this sequel that asks whether you can believe in the impossible without sacrificing every ideal you hold - in order to find a love bigger than you ever imagined.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rock Star Romance Giveaway!

As we get ready for Random Acts of Hope to release on Tuesday, July 29, here's a giveaway in honor of ROCK STARS EVERYWHERE! 

Please join in the fun and grab a chance to win a Rock Star Romance prize package or one of ten signed paperbacks of the New York Times bestselling Random Acts of Crazy!

(International winners are fine!)

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