Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Uploaded and waiting...

Upload day for any author is a BIG DEAL. Writing a novel, especially a freaking 344-page GINORMOUS BOOK is, indeed, the hardest part of any book's development. But then there's editing, and plot changes, and revisions. Then copyediting from 2 or more people -- and going in to revise. Final proofreading. Sending the files to the formatters. Finding errors. Waiting for emails back and forth. Cover design and the inevitable back and forth to tweak and perfect. Writing the blurb/description. Making sure the files all pass the various eBook retailers' tests. Getting covers in the right resolution and file size (different eBook retailers have different requirements). Getting a print version done (I'm working on that, slowly, for ALL my books).

And then you just press SUBMIT and you're done, right?

Ah, no.

Now you have to wait until the book is approved and published. Create a newsletter to reach readers who subscribed to the New Releases list. Add the new links to the books in the newsletter. Make sure the email list is up to date. Then hit SUBMIT.

And you're done?


The whole process is AWESOME and amazing, but then the marketing begins. tweets. FB statuses. Guest blog posts. Paid advertising (if you can afford it).

And the high of watching people buy, read, and enjoy your books. I get a LOT of reader email asking, breathlessly, the DAY AFTER a new book comes out -- "When's the next book coming out? I can't stand to wait!"

Man, I love you too. But let me rest a bit, you know? ;) As a reader, I have TOTALLY DONE THAT to an author (Selena Kitt's Temptation/Confession/Grace trilogy made me beg her to finish Grace as fast as possible), so I get it on both sides LOL!

And yes, Josie's book is coming in late June, for sure, 100 percent, no worries. It, too, will be 300+ pages.

THANK YOU to my readers for being on this journey with me. As Random Acts of Crazy makes its way through this process, know how blessed I feel by all of you. <3

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