Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I am writing this post on an iPad while traveling. I am so technologically stupid that I cannot figure out how to link something. Let's just say that being #33 in the Kindle store with Random Acts of Crazy and reaching #20 on Nook yesterday (35 or so now) has been a wild ride, and I don't need to link anything right now except my mouth to a nice glass of wine. ;)

Many readers found my book on ARe, so that was a lovely surprise, and my Kobo sales are up as well. iTunes needs to get with the program and approve my book for sale -- I uploaded it on May 22!

"It's Complicated," my next book, is aptly titled! Readers get a ton of Mike, Laura, and Dylan, but also plenty of Darla, with a touch (oh, don't you wish it were a real touch!) of Joe and Trevor. You get to meet Sam and Liam as well (the rest of the band) and wait until you see how Josie discovers that in some small way, Darla's very big personality takes over part of Cambridge.

At the heart is Alex and Josie's story, as the ensemble of characters all find their place in the world, fighting against the constraints of fear and expectation.

Again, I say thank you, and stay with me for the ride. It's a wild one, and oh, so fun!


  1. Julia,

    Do you have a date yet for these releases?

    1. Hi Abagail,

      Suspiciously Obedient is definitely being uploaded July 2. How long it takes retailers to process it is what makes release dates so hard! Within a day or so for most places, though Apple can take 3-4 weeks sometimes.

      It's Complicated has a release date that is, well...complicated. I'm working to get it out as fast as possible, so stay tuned for a specific release date.

      Thanks! <3

  2. Julia!!

    I read Random Acts of Crazy, and am in the middle of Her Two Billionaires, and honestly, just wow!

    Really great :) Looking forward to continuing Darla/Trevor/Joe's story, and seeing more of Josie in hers. Please, keep writing!

    Also I hadn't ever really read menage fiction before, but man oh man, I am hooked now, thanks to YOU!

  3. Ahprahran -- thank you so much!


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