Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Two books, so many men...

I am simultaneously working on TWO different books right now, BOTH of which involve Josie! The first is, of course, Josie's book (titled Smart Mouth). You get Laura's birth (from Josie and Alex's perspectives), the baby's name (a great surprise!) and Madge plays a larger role in this book (that woman gets around, huh?).

Another book, though, involves Josie's niece, Darla Jo(sephine) Jennings, a 22 year old Ohio chick who finds a naked hitchhiker on the side of the road one night -- a gorgeous man wearing nothing but a guitar. The two books take place at roughly the same time, and are very much intertwined, with Darla's book coming out first (and once you read it, you'll see why). You learn more about Josie's childhood and home life, all important details for understanding her future relationships. Stay tuned and check my blog for excerpts!

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