Monday, August 25, 2014

A taste of Jeddy's from Complete Bliss, coming in mid-September

Here's a taste....Alex and Josie meeting at Jeddy's:

“What are these? They look like little lobster cakes.”
“They are!” Madge cracked in a South Boston accent, the words coming out  like she said “They ah!”
“Red cake with...”
“It’s pureed strawberries in a rich white cake, baked in little lobster molds, then filled with a vanilla amaretto cream.”
“What’s the glaze in the little cup next to it??” Alex asked. Each lobster cake had a little Boston Red Sox flag stabbed into the lobster’s head.
“Toffee caramel sauce – see how it looks like drawn butter?” Madge demonstrated for them, picking up a lobster and dunking its head in the sauce, munching happily. The cake was headless, one claw hanging by a thin thread of confection.
Josie imitated Madge and as her tongue poked out between her lips, mouth stretched into a smile of anticipation, Alex felt something in him harden and soften at the same time. 
God, he loved her.
She moaned. “This is so good!” As she bit down, a rush of cream from the cake’s center coated her lip, making the hard part of him even harder as she licked it away.
God, he wanted her.
Instead of reaching across the table and fucking her right there next to the little jukebox screwed into the wall above the salt and pepper shakers, he grabbed a cake, dipped the entire damn thing in sauce and shoved it into his mouth, chewing furiously, hoping the blood that would be diverted to his digestive tract would lessen his raging erection.
Then his taste buds kicked in.
-- from Complete Bliss, coming in mid-September....

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