Friday, May 30, 2014

Complete Harmony is out -- ALL NEW Mike, Dylan, Laura, Josie and Alex for just $.99 now!

Complete Harmony, Julia Kent's newest book just $.99
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Complete Harmony, the ALL NEW continuation of Laura, Mike, Dylan, Josie and Alex's story, is just $.99

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The New York Times bestselling series continues... 

With Mike and Dylan’s help, Laura has overcome her postpartum blues and is revved and rarin’ to go...with two very exhausted new dads! Meanwhile, Mike is feeling something new—jealousy?—in his relationship with Laura and Dylan, which throws him off center and makes him question his sense of self. Having everything they ever wanted, the trio works on finding ways to balance their inner and outer worlds while keeping the embers stoked. 

For Alex and Josie, a growing commitment has one of them pleased—and the other uneasy. Josie lets Alex “move in,” which means he can store a toothbrush at her apartment. He's ready for more. Way more. 

Relationships deepen, babies grow up, Laura learns to ski, Josie skates on thin ice, and the gang finds over time that the hardest part of falling in love isn't the love part—it’s the falling. 

Complete Harmony is the second novella in the "Her Billionaires"/Complete series. Suggested reading order: 

Her Billionaires: Boxed Set 
It's Complicated 
Complete Abandon ($.99 too, on sale right now!)
Complete Harmony

Thank you so much, and happy reading!

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  1. story ends with a to be continued in "Complete Bliss" no mention on your blog
    about this story or when it will be out?


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