Friday, September 6, 2013

TOP 10 on AMAZON! Thank you, readers!

The New Adult Romance Boxed Set is not only a two-week-in-a-row USA Today Bestseller, but now readers have skyrocketed it into the top 10 on Amazon's Kindle bookstore!

It's currently #7, in fact!

We are aiming for the New York Times Bestseller List and boy does this help.

Two more days at $.99, so if you haven't grabbed it yet, or you know someone who might like 5 complete, hot romance novels for just $.99 total, share and spread the word. Click below to choose your favorite eBook retailer!




All Romance eBooks



Meanwhile, I'm working hard on Random Acts of Trust, just wrapped up a new novella, and got an AWESOME idea for yet another novella that returns to the world of Mike, Dylan, Laura, Josie and Alex. What happens when Josie and Alex babysit six-month-old Jillian so Laura and the daddies can get some alone time? And when Laura discovers the alpha side of the two amazing men she's got wrapped around her finger, maybe it's HER fingers that get tied up....

No details, and no promises of a release date, but plenty of fun and hot, hot, HOTTIE HOT HOT and loving bedroom escapades...

 And also -- a reminder about my contest, which is still going on! Please enter!

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