Sunday, July 14, 2013

Random Acts of Crazy on sale! Bookbub's $.99 deal of the day!

Find it here: Random Acts of Crazy on sale

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Bookbub $.99 deal! Darla's caught between two delicious men in this fun-filled, steamy USA Today bestseller  

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Random Acts of Crazy is a $.99 Bookbub deal today (regular price $2.99-3.99) and I'd love for more readers to find it, especially because I'm 15,000 words into the next in the Random series, Random Acts of Trust!

If you don't know what Bookbub is, it's a service for readers that features special books in various genres, always at 50% off or more (and often FREE). It's hard to get books accepted by Bookbub (they're quite picky!), so I feel honored they chose to feature Random Acts of Crazy.

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