Friday, June 14, 2013

New Adult Books to Watch (plus a reveal about my future books)

Random Acts of Crazy is a New Adult romance, and I'm already at work on Random Acts of Trust. Oh -- you didn't know there'd be a book starring Sam, the Random Acts of Crazy drummer (who you meet, briefly, in It's Complicated), and Amy, his love interest from high school who is in her first year of grad school who hates Darla on sight?


Here's the opening to the new book:
Drummers are mysterious creatures who seek the erratic microbeats of authentic life that are layered between the macrobeats of society. Sam's hands were always tapping. Did they move in his sleep? Were his dreams filled with the nuanced undertone of beated movement? What did those hands seek?
With his hands in constant motion, how could I let him know my body should be the one place where those fingers could be still?

Anyhow...Random Acts of Trust is coming out months from now, so to get your right now NA fix, here are some suggestions:

The Stronger, Safer Kind (free as of 6/14/13!)

The Rock Star and the Girl from the Coffee Shop $2.99

Passion Potion (Paranormal New Adult) $2.99

My Side (Rock Star NA) $.98

Haze (Music industry NA) $2.99

Lucky Break (Rock Star NA) $.99

Letting You In $2.99

If you have read any of these, please comment -- or, better yet, write a review on Amazon so other readers can learn from you!

More NA to come in future blog posts!

::Julia scurries back to her hovel where she writes and edits her next books::

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