Sunday, February 3, 2013

Maliciously Obedient -- a new novel coming in March!

FYI: I'm signed up as part of a 16-author event called Insatiable Reads. You'll see me Tweeting and Facebooking and turning nouns into verbs (verbing?) for the next few months. I'm working on my newest novel, coming in March, called Maliciously Obedient.

Getting caught reading Fifty Shades of Grey in the parking lot at work wasn't the best way for 25-year-old Lydia Charles to meet her boss. A boss she didn't know she had. Matt Jones now had the job she had been waiting to apply for (and win) for the past year, and to add insult to injury, Matt is undeniably hot. When he also acts like he owns the place, she decides that malicious obedience – following his every command to the letter – will prove how much the department needs her creativity after he insists he knows best.

What Lydia doesn't know is that “Matt” is really Michael Bournham, the CEO of the company, part of an undercover reality television stunt. Keeping his hands off Lydia's luscious curves was becoming an exercise in restraint, but what was harder? Keeping his heart from her. For Michael, Lydia's malicious obedience ignited a night of passion in the office that made him forget everything – including the rolling cameras – until it was too late. When unscrupulous producers make their lovemaking viral, Michael pulls out all the stops and calls in every favor as Lydia...maliciously obeys.
But I haven't forgotten the world I just finished writing! I'm already working on a series spinoff featuring Josie, with Laura/Mike/Dylan (and baby!) making some cameos, including (yes!) the birth scene.

What was that thump? One of my fingers fell off from typing too much? Off to get speech recognition software...

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